A  long wait is over

A long wait is over

By Steve Gardener
27th May
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Romford Borough Youth U17 win cup final in dramatic style

I rarely go to watch games outside Romford FC games and my own kids, but last year I watched the then RBY U16 suffer heartbreak at Thurrock as they narrowly lost in the cup final. On Bank Holiday Sunday they had an opportunity to make amends by playing Brentwood, who had won the league and beaten RBY twice in the league. The game was held at Aveleys shiny Parkside ground, befitting the rewards of the players. I was impressed by the professionalism of the team, all excited but polite, smart young men in suits and ties. This was going to be an occasion, not just a match.
If being nervous wasn't enough an hours delay due to an injury in a previous game and extra time in another added to the delay.
Andy Pearson spoke to me before the game, saying how proud he the coaches and the parents were of the boys, how they stood together on the field, and his belief that one day some of those boys could be playing on the same pitch for Romford. I will leave the match report by Andy who expresses the pride and delight as only a long term manager could.

Fair to say I’ve had worse days
Started so so so well, the whole atmosphere of the boys seemed different this year to last, even an hour delay to kickoff didn’t phase them.
Started on top and never let up when our 20 goal leading striker went off with one of the worse head injuries I’ve seen, a literal blood pumping out one.
Then the captain goes down injured and whilst attending to him come back to the bench to see our striker now in the recovery position as he passed out. Horrible horrible times
The boys though just played their football and took over the game, rewarded when sub George netted a Lovely header, him not starting was the hardest decision before the game.
One nil at half time and we just looked in Control even with the huge loss of Anatol Tudorean.
2nd half the pitch started to take it out of their legs and a silky free kick to give away was punished by a very good opposition goal
The boys went again though and when Vlad went through, took 85 touches and finally scored the emotion was just amazing. I will take credit as I told him and all on the bus he was going to score today.
Some dicey moments in the last 10 minutes and man of the match and beer hound josh in goal saved us with a monster one on one.
When they hit the bar with a minute left it was our day.
Played these twice this year, lost both times 3-2 and 4-3 and they lead for a grand total of 4 minutes in those games so I think we earnt a little bit of luck
Thank you to all who came and supported, the league chairman congratulated us and said we were the best final and support he had seen all season.
You were all a credit to yourselves and the club, thank you all"

From my perspective RBY put their mark on the game in the first 10 minutes, no quarter given, every attack supported, every mistake covered. There was a period understandably when Brentwood levelled, that they appeared to be on the ascendency but some spirited resilience from the back 4 and the keeper saw them home, roared on my the majority of the 200 plus crowd, with the refrain of "Come on Romford" sending a tingle down your spine.
They have been together 10 years some of these boys, and had their share of heartbreak and success, but Sunday was their day, through hard work and endeavour, and they should saviour it for a long time to come

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